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The “100th Monkey” is a person, an event or a thing, that tips the balance of Life-As-We-Know-It at a critical mass point after which everything changes quickly and for the better. It is the key element, or tipping point, that changes everything for the better in a cascade effect and usually, raises the Consciousness of the whole population (or community) in leaps, too.

Some famous 100th Monkeys: Jesus Christ, Mohamed, Gandhi, the Internet, the telephone, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, the printing press, the number zero, the invention of gunpowder, the bombing of Japan and Baghdad, 9/11 events, Tesla (discovered and harnessed radio frequencies), Dr. Jonas Salk, Louis Pasteur, Johnny Appleseed, every parent, every act of kindness, and many more.

So, why did we choose the phrase “100th Monkey” for this?  The answer is in the article with that name.

 Namasté, friends!
Margo & David