About Margo
Margo Ross Sears is a Reiki Master Teacher, a mentor, author, Founder and non-denominational Pastor of LEWA (Light & Energy Workers Association). Currently, Margo does wedding and family photography, authored a Reiki textbook series, and co-facilitates self-empowering lecture series at the local Meetup, writes both non-fiction and fiction articles and stories, and officiates weddings too. Also, Margo holds a minor degree in developmental psychology from UNCG, and a Bachelor of Science degree in English from Appalachian State. She was also a public and private schoolteacher, certified autism life coach for the Psychiatry department at UNC-Chapel Hill, certified Great Life Coach, and Big Brothers Big Sisters case manager.

Born in North Carolina 1967, Margo began using her subtle but strong awareness gifts spontaneously as a child, by hearing other’s thoughts, feelings, and spirit guides. She assumed everyone did this too, but by age 8, she abruptly realized that others didn’t often use theirs and were displeased with her, a small child, doing it to them. To conform, she repressed her gifts. Very aware that she was “different” but remaining compassionate and observant, she learned to be analytical too. After graduating from Appalachian State University with a B.S. in English and minors in education and psychology, she met others like herself. She learned more about her special gifts and insights that were re-emerging. She bought a private session with Allene Cunningham the renowned radio, television & police psychic. Allene compared Margo’s growing abilities to massive interstellar “radio” antennas picking up signals & information from all over our universe, inside & out. Later, Margo journeyed with modern shamans, met her own spirit guide animals, and gathered much ethereal Guidance. She learned meditation, hired other gifted readers for more guidance, and read the works of clinical psychologist, Dr. Doreen Virtue, physician-turned-mystic Don Miguel Ruiz, Jesus, the 14th Dalai Lama, Buddha, Dr. David Hawkins, Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Mooji, Marianne Williamson, many yogis and others.

Eventually, Margo responded to a strong calling to heal, teach, and lead others. Often, other mystics and intuitives sought her support, healing, and guidance to grow on their own profound journeys (many of their comments are on the reviews page). Seeking holistic skills, she completed first and second degrees for Usui Reiki touch energy therapy in 2001, and Reiki Master Teacher degree in 2003 when she returned from teaching ESL in Japan. Since then, more than 300 Reiki students studied with her (118 of them to Master and Teacher levels) and enjoyed the benefits of her diverse work, teachings, & empowering ways. In that same year, Margo opened Indigo Answers and founded the non-profit, LEWA which hosts mind-body-spirit tradeshows, blood drives, charity donation drives, and spiritual films such as “Indigo”, “Celestine Prophecy” and “The Dalai Lama Renaissance.” LEWA later evolved to a growing group of 210+ non-denominational clergy who represent a wide variety of spiritual paths. From 2005-12 in response to community demand, Margo co-founded “Journey of the Spirit”, a spiritual public lecture series on healing modalities. JOS was publicly voted “Best Free Event” in 2009 and featured a different speaker at each gathering. Today she co-leads another public lecture and demonstration series Brunswick Energyworkers Meetup near Oak Island NC.

In 2006, Margo co-founded an outdoor spiritual retreat center in Virginia, but returned to North Carolina to care for her aging parents in 2008. She then met and married her soulmate, twin flame and best friend, David W. Sears, in a unique wedding on 10-10-10. Margo and David moved to a Carolina beach where they co-host monthly drumming circles, facilitate Brunswick Energyworkers Meetup, and Margo hosts Gallery Readings events, offer spiritual services, also photography and officiating all types of weddings & renewals (1,500 and counting!) as Beachpeople Weddings.

About David
pastor david sears
Born in Arizona in 1958, David W. Sears started spiritual studies at a very young age, always knowing and sensing that there is much more than what meets the eye. Feeling part of rather than separate from the outdoors, he was more interested in experiencing life rather than dominating it. He grew up hiking and roaming in the woods, hunting, fishing, camping out and working on ranches and farms. This led him to studying the art of tracking and other primitive outdoors living skills. During childhood summers, his family regularly traveled across the United States to visit scattered relatives, national parks and famous landmarks from coast to coast, often camping out and making new friends along the way.

Serving in the U. S. Air Force, he continued this lifestyle as he lived, worked and travelled abroad in Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim island nations. Globetrotting led him to the profound understanding that all people seek out basically the same things (please feel free to ask what that is).

In 1990, David came to North Carolina doing aircraft avionics for 20+ years at TIMCO and raised his lovely daughter, now a graduate of East Carolina University. In his private time, he studied traditional Aikido, a martial art also known as the “art of peace” in America and Japan, earned his Reiki Master Teacher degree with Margo, proudly certified as a Great Life Coach and became Executive Pastor of LEWA. In 2008-09, he also completed an amazing firewalking class, enjoyed the zen of being a motorcyclist, and became a talented Native American style Flute player and drummer. David began Flute maker apprentice to Shaman Nella Silverspear in 2010.

A voracious reader and student of naturalism, weather shamanism, Native American practices, metaphysics, Reiki Shamanism and spirituality he has read Black Elk, Harner, Andrews, Tolle, Hicks, Dyer, Ruiz, Emoto, Braden, Bonewits and Castaneda. Some of the most influential tomes for him were: Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, The Hopi Survival Kit, The Holographic Universe, Fools Crow, and Autobiography of a Yogi. They influenced him to study Raymon Grace, mediation, herbalism, Reiki, Theta Healing, other energy medicines, sweat lodges and to spend more time with like-minded friends. Moreover, the teachings of Tom Brown Jr., David Hawkins, Jesus, the Dalai Lama and Mooji inspire David’s conscious journey to remain spiritual in mind, body and spirit, maintain the beauty of a beginner’s mind, and to gain deeper awareness of the Oneness of everything.

Today, David lives on the Carolina coast with his soulmate and wife, Margo,  is a contributing author in her Reiki textbooks, and co-hosts readings & dinner events and monthly drum circles. He still reads voraciously, hiking on the beach and by the pond, enjoys football season and a good cigar, studies making native American style wooden flutes & other woodwork projects, and co-facilitates Brunswick Energyworkers Meetup with dear friends, Christine Gordon and Sally Elmo. Full time, David honors all lifestyles and belief systems when playing the wooden flute or warmly officiating any type of wedding ceremony as Beachpeople Weddings.