Recommended Viewing & Reading

Reiki…The Healing Touch by William Lee Rand (book)

Reiki Mastery by David F. Vennells (book)

Reiki Energy Medicine, by Libby Barnett, MSW & Maggie Chambers (book)

Anything written by Carlos Castaneda & Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (book)

Peculiar Children series (books)

The Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams (book)

The Sevenfold Path (book)

Way of the Shaman, Michael Harner (book)

The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein (book)

Anything written by Ted Andrews

Anything written by Isaac Asimov

Anything written by Doreen Virtue, PhD

Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton

Arrival (film PG13)

Interstellar (film PG13)

Mysts of Avalon (book & film)

Star Trek and Star Wars (books & films)

What Dreams May Come, by Richard Matheson (book & film:PG13)

The Da Vinci Code (book & film:PG13)

I, Robot, by Isaac Asimov (book & film:PG13)

The Green Mile, by Stephen King (book & film:R)

Stir of Echos, by Richard Matheson (book & film:R)

The Living Matrix (film: G)

One, The Movie (film: G)

Through the Wormhole (TV)

Peter Pan (book & film:G)

The Secret (book & film:No Rating)

Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling (books & films)

X-Men (print & films:PG13)

Brother Bear (film:G)

Donnie Darko (film:R)

What the Bleep Do We Know? (Series, PG13)

Indigo Evolution (film:Unrated)

Whale Rider (film:PG)

Minority Report (film:PG13)

Pleasantville (film:PG13)

City of Angels (film:PG13)

Powder (film:PG13)

The Abyss (film:PG13)

The Sixth Sense (film:PG13)

Matrix trilogy (films:R)

Phenomenon (film:PG)


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