FACEBOOK Question: When you see Margo, what is the very first thing you think of?

• Amy J: Love & Reiki. You are like a soul mother!
• Melanie J: open, wise, & welcoming! Like seeing an old friend… immediate comfort!
• Robin H: The first word that came to mind was “Goodness”. I think that could be “Goddess” too. When I think about you, I feel all that might be “bad”, or feel not good, disappear.
• Lorraine H: Beautiful warming smile and soothing aura!
• Jane S: sunshine and fun
• Polly D: A loving soul
• Julius J: A warm hug…just being in your presence is truly a blessing.
• Heather R: Love…. Like, the way families should be.
• Renee S: Wise, Loving Sensei
• Donna D: Beautiful. Inside & outside. I felt like I had always known you.
• Kat L: Warm sparkles!
• James R: I always think “I know I know you from somewhere”…so very familiar.
• Wes D: Sunshine
• Lillian A: I see love in your face
• Joe B: Wisdom and “give me a hug”!
• Edie S: First time–“How do I know her?” Now, –fun and maybe a little mischief!

David and Margo, my husband and myself are thrilled to say we would love to attend another Séance with you. I also believe I will have a few more friends that will be interested and I know my friend who attended last time would also love be there again. I also wanted to say what a pleasure it was to be in the company of you and David; we all felt great after this experience. You are both truly gifted in your abilities and we are thrilled about attending another event and meeting with you both again. Have a blessed day. 
Bob & Susan Ross

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are so glad that we chose you to officiate our wedding, David. It was a wonderful ceremony. Thanks so much for everything. You are the best!”
Shane Goss, bride, NC

“I always enjoy the spiritual community where ever I travel, and you’re a rare person, Margo- your inside and outside match lol… i know that sounds weird, but it’s an unusual and special thing. Thanks for the events organizing for all to enjoy.”
Sherri, FL

“When we think back on our trip to NC what we remember most is spending such a special time with you and David. We didn’t think people like you truly existed until we saw it and we have never forgotten since. We know how lucky we are to have had that experience and you guys have become role models for the type of people we aspire to be each day!”
Mr & Mrs Wolford, Ohio

“Hi Margo, Talking with you it seemed your advice and touch calmed my spirit. I have been more focused since and I don’t seem to pick up on and let others emotional states bother me. [Otherwise, it] Seems like when certain people get around me I sense the chaos. I talked to my friend who went to with me the first time I got a reading from you a year ago. When we left that day, she said she didn’t think you were accurate. I said I thought you were. However, yesterday I talked to her and she said your reading was a slam dunk and that what you had told her has manifested!”
Kim McAllister NC

“Margo, I wanted you to know I am so grateful for your teachings and how deeply it is affecting my life. God Bless you. Lori, GSO NC Margo Sensei, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the chakra class yesterday. Also, I wish to tell you how important you are to me and the world around us. When I walked in the store yesterday, I knew you were there, I did not see you, but I felt you. Your Spirit is so strong. When you walked up to me, I felt this overwhelming joy and happiness. I know that for me you are always a wonderful experience and I am always better for it. I felt so good yesterday afternoon after class…I am not sure if it was the class, the Reiki, you or the combination, but I wish I could get that everyday!”

“I know that you coach others on their stuff and tell them how strong they are, but I think it is important for you to hear that about yourself. I am sure that others have told you this before and truly meant it and so do I. After yesterday, I just felt that I needed to share this with you. Try to give you some positive affirmations for the importance of what you do and how you do it. You are a bright spot in this world and when you are in a room, it is known. I know that you have been very instrumental in my being able to grow as much as I have in the last 8 months and I will be forever grateful. I am sooooo looking forward to the Reiki II class!! Peace and Blessings!”
Brenda Tart FL

“I want to say THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH AN AWESOME AMBASSADOR! You are a truly amazing, wonderful guide; an inspirational example; a brightly shining light on the spiritual paths of those you teach. You are so gentle, so helpful, so thoughtful; you have a marvelously reassuring presence, so vitally necessary when explaining to people that they are indeed freaks, but it’s a *good* thing to be! You tell me I seem so much more relaxed every time you see me, and it is partly seeing you, being in your immediate presence, that has the relaxing effect on me. I consider myself supremely blessed to know you, and I am *so* grateful you chose to incarnate here and now.”
Harmony, GSO NC

“I have noticed several subtle changes since [my] session with you. I am getting more frequent precognitive dreams referring to personal interactions which usually come to pass and other things…There is more in that I am seeing/feeling auras in a general way. The point is that most people are incredibly sad and hurt and it clings to me and drags me down. How do you stand it? [I refuse energy that does not belong to me. -MRS] I also am noticing some of my bodily functions that seemingly were declining due to age and decrepitude are making a comeback to levels of at least a decade or more earlier. Mental clarity is better, too, as if a fog was lifting.”
Smith SC

“I loved our session today, it gave me so much insight and inspiration to move forward with everything I have going on, with so much more confidence. Today, I even told Tavane that it was true what I had read somewhere: one session with you is better than any number of appointments with a therapist.”
Kimberly GSO NC

“Margo is my spiritual counselor as well as my Reiki Master. I have been working with Margo for quite a few months now, and have had some wonderful experiences! As an intuitive reader Margo is the best, she gives it to you straight in a loving compassionate way. One reading stands out in my mind: Margo kept calling my fiancé ‘Tim’. Well, his name is Scott, not Tim and I kept correcting her. Finally, she smiled and said that Tim was his name according to the Akashic Records. Later, during a conversation with Scott’s mother, I brought up the fact Margo kept calling Scott, Tim, and she said with a quiver in her voice, “Oh my God, Scott was named after my one and only true love, ‘Tim Scott.’

“As a Reiki Master Margo is wonderful! She is a very informative powerful teacher. I had the pleasure of having Margo as my Reiki I teacher and I am currently signed up for her Reiki II classes as well. I truly believe Margo was sent to me, she has helped advance spiritually and to her I am grateful for that. My journey is just beginning and I would be so lucky to have Margo continue on this journey with me.”
Nikki LA

“Margo has a beautiful balance of strength and serenity that is both reassuring and comforting. She is very matter-of-fact in her approach which allows you to feel confident about who you are and the work you are doing in her presence; yet, she realizes that each person finds his or her path differently. “

“Also, Margo and I have different spiritual backgrounds and I have found that I have not had to compromise my beliefs to be able to learn and grow from her. Because spirituality is one truth with many faces, Margo is able to find the “common ground” between us even though we’ve been given different filters in this life! She has been my Reiki Master for the last year and I look forward to learn Reiki II with her this year!”
Amy Colorado

“Margo’s work is an experience, one that can take you many paths. Sometimes you will be very surprised, sometimes very consoled, sometimes awakened by insights and possiblilites. Your awareness will be heightened, to energies around you that can affect you, both positive and negative. You will find yourself healed, loved, energized, calmed, and always in a better place than when you came to her.”
Chris, NC

“My reiki experience…first of all, it was a unique experience. I had never had an energy reading, or “reiki” before. Second, I could feel the heat/energy being transmitted between my body and your hands even though you were standing a few feet away from my chair. Also, I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed so I wish we had more time to continue. And in addition, you were 100% professional and accurate in your readings of me and my fiancée.”
Jim R, Seattle

“I loved working with Margo. She has amazing energy and the ability to make the process so interesting and enjoyable. I especially appreciate her compassion and caring. She makes you feel comfortable and has extensive knowledge she is so willing to share. I plan to continue my work with her.”

“If you’re even considering talking to Margo then let me recommend you talk to her…. she is very insightful and very caring… she’s able to pick up on what is going on with you… and listen to your guides to help you through what ever it is you’re going through. Furthermore, she has a caring and compassionate manner about what she does and I think you will find her honesty refreshing. I have known Margo for years and she has helped me thru many difficulties! Her guidance and wisdom has been very comforting during those times.”
Debbie F.,  NC

“I have been thirsty for knowledge and am re-awakening, David. You & Margo created a beautiful, safe place for all of our group to be able to be together and practice. I need pinching at times! You and Margo are beauties to behold. Refreshing to see in this world and a blessing to know individually and together. You both make my heart sing. Namaste! Peace to you!”
Helen, NC

“I sooo appreciate you, David! You are so amazing!!! Thank you for the gift and opportunity of getting to know you and study with you. I am so excited, thrilled and honored to be studying with you two. I look forward to amazing possibilities, awakenings, and the JOY of all of this. Namaste.”
Elizabeth, NC

“I cannot express how deeply grateful Gene and I are for such a beautiful wedding ceremony! Margo and David are such a blessing and we are so thankful to have crossed paths with such special people! If you are even considering using them for your ceremony, just go ahead and do it! You will not be disappointed! Thank you again!”
Jessica Willard, bride, NC

“This was a wonderful weekend workshop, Margo & David. Thank you. I didn’t think “the Force was with me,” but I know now it is! You two are a very natural teaching team together too; I am surprised you’ve being doing this together for only a few months…you’d never know it. Thank you.”
Don, Rhode Island

“Interacting with you is very interesting, Margo. I am fortunate that I am generally pretty candid. We humans rely on our masks and small lies (or omissions) and subterfuge are part of our every day experience. To be stripped of these tactics makes [talking with you] interesting. On the other hand you have lived with your gift and reflected on the nature of humans so much that you can get along with some of our less admirable traits and ethics without comment (at least to our face). [I feel] it is such ponderances that led you to your remarkable insights into human behavior and make you so good as a life coach. I have marveled occasionally at your insight into the soul of the human animal and am beginning to see where it came from. The implications of your ability are not obvious until you start to think about it for a while and really look at the results. “

“I had been searching for a long time to find the right person to work with and I found this in Margo. Not only do I enjoy her information but also I like her quick response. I also like her follow-ups. The information is right on target and very informative. It allows you to correct areas that need correcting and expand one the areas that is your life path. She has a kind and warming sense of humor that I find so comforting. She has guided me to where I am now and worked with me on areas of my life where I felt I was walking in the wrong direction. She is my spiritual advisor and a great joy to work with.”
Diana Roblin LA