The four degrees (or levels) of Usui/Tibetan Reiki are called First (I), Second (II), Master (Third) and Master Teacher (Fourth) Degree. The degrees define what level of attunement a practitioner received. Each degree level requires a minimum of specific attunement procedures. All degrees receive various and increasingly stronger healing skill attunements. The sequence of degrees, below, imparts Usui Reiki at levels I and II and Master. At Teacher level Tibetan symbols were added (by RMT Phyllis Furumoto). Also, only the Master-Teacher level learns to pass attunements to others.

Margo & David include many additional Reiki skills and information at each level that build on the previous level. When you have successfully completed your attunements and training, you will be certified at that level and you may call yourself a Reiki Practitioner. At the master levels, you may use the title of Reiki Master.

Also, you may stop your studies at any level…advancing is not required as you must do what you feel is best for you. Also, you can resume studies where you left off at a later date, if you are comfortable with that and your teacher agrees. All levels of practitioners can treat others or self from day one of study.

Usui Reiki I 
Prerequisite: none, minimum age 13 (age 12 & under have specialized classes)
Learn physical aspects of Reiki. After attunement, a practitioner can send healing energy via contact (“hands on”). Our lessons include instructions on Hayashi’s standard hand positions, chakras system info, basic procedures, Usui Reiki history, legalities, and the inherent effects on the practitioner. Practicing your new skill with teachers’ guidance is done at the end of each session.

Usui Reiki II
Prerequisite: certified Reiki I
Learn metaphysical aspects of Reiki. After attunement which raises the student’s vibration higher than in Reiki I, the practitioner can also send Reiki long distance through space and time, in addition to hands-on. Instruction includes learning to draw and use first 3 sacred Reiki symbols. Plus, Margo & David teach meditation on chakra integration techniques. Practice of new skills & meditation with teacher guidance is included.

Usui Reiki Master (III)
Prerequisite: certified Reiki I & II, minimum age 18 preferred by Margo & David
After attunement, a practitioner’s first and second degree skills are enhanced. Also, 5 more symbols are learned (the Usui master symbol and the 4 antakaranahs), plus 4 additional clearing/healing Reiki techniques are learned. Margo Ross’ instruction includes building a Reiki Grid, learning the Way of the Reiki Master, 2 advanced meditation techniques, the 3 Pillars of Reiki method by Usui, his philosophies, and information on chakra and chi-energy systems. Often, a deep self-healing process occurs and a higher sense of spiritual wellbeing is acquired as well. Practicing one’s new skills & meditations with teacher guidance is recommended.

Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher (IV)
Prerequisite: certified Reiki I, II, & Master Levels This level is a “westernized” division of the original Usui Master level of Japan. This level separates teacher skills from master skills since many students did not want to teach. Besides receiving attunement, Master Teacher students learn two more sacred symbols, which enable the ability to pass 5 types of Reiki attunements to others and self. Also with Margo and David, you learn 3 Reiki Master self healing meditations, new details about chakras, and gain 3 additional textbooks. Practicing the new skills & attunements with teacher guidance is central. David and Margo may also assist with leading the graduate’s own first Reiki class, if requested and they have permission to copy our student manuals for their students. Graduates are encouraged to write his/her own student manual, too.

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  • Reiki I or II certification $200
  • Reiki Master certification $400
  • Reading & Reiki – in person $100/hr
  • Reading Only – at Sunset Beach $75/hour
  • Reading Only – on phone $60/hr, or $30/half-hour
  • Group Readings – your place $20-50/person + travel fee. 4-10 adults. Flexible fee & time.
  • Private Group Readings – at Sunset Beach $30-50/person, 3-6 adults.
  • Private Group Readings – on phone conf. call, $25/person. Requires 4-6 adults.
  • Gift Certificates available!
  • Entertainment, email Margo.
  • Wedding Officiant $250 & up
  • Photography & Portraits $150 & up