• An attunement is: “an empowerment process, or ritual, given from teacher to student”.
  • It is also a deep, simple and very pleasant meditation.
  • Attunements give the student the ability to do Reiki on gradually stronger levels.
  • Student remains seated with feet on ground, hands in gasho position (palm together, fingers pointing upward), relaxed breathing, and eyes closed.
  • Two reasons for closed eyes: its helps meditation & it’s a part of the tradition to respect the sacred Reiki symbols.
  • The teacher uses Reiki symbols, visualizations, and breathing techniques during the attunement.
  • Contact from the teacher’s hands may be made on the head, shoulders, palms, fingertips, and sometimes on the feet.
  • The teacher will also blow gently on your crown and hands.
  • We often turn the lights low and play soft music to help meditate.
  • Some students report different opinions on what it is like. Most say it is like a strong Reiki treatment and very relaxing. Some people see colors and visions in their minds. Others just zone out and simply enjoy the warmth & attention. All are correct reactions.
  • Afterward, most report feeling calm, grounded, a little sleepy and happy.
  • People have other great experiences, too, but generally it’s unique to each person.

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Private Readings:

  • Reiki I or II certification: $200
  • Reiki Master certification: $400
  • Reading & Reiki – in person $100/hr
  • Reading Only – at Sunset Beach $75/hour
  • Reading Only – on phone $60/hr, or $30/half-hour
  • Group Readings – your place $20-50/person + travel fee. 4-10 adults. Flexible fee & time.
  • Private Group Readings – at Sunset Beach $30-50/person, 3-6 adults.
  • Private Group Readings – on phone conf. call, $25/person. Requires 4-6 adults.
  • Gift Certificates available!
  • Entertainment, email Margo.
  • Wedding Officiant $250 & up
  • Photography & Portraits $150 & up
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