4 textbooks in series:  for Usui Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Master, & Instructor (Instructor printed book contains all 4 books):

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Learn Reiki covers

All 4 Book Covers of Learn Reiki series


“Learn Reiki” Handbook Series Info:

Please note:  these books are NOT designed for independent study. They are intended for use in conjunction with a certified Reiki Teacher who offers the necessary Attunements and guidance, or for ANY certified Reiki Practitioners who want a fascinating, updated refresher or a new view on Reiki!

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  • See full descriptions, sample reads, and order e-book version on links below:
  • Learn Reiki I: Student Handbook ~ First Degree:   71 color photos/charts/demos, full history with famous teachers, 2 sets of Hand Positions, Chair Reiki, Reiki Circle, Treatment Prep, Emergencies, Usui’s Ideals, basic Chakras, Recommended Reading list and more.
  • Learn Reiki II: Student Handbook ~ Second Degree:  38 color photos/charts/demos, How to use and draw first 3 Sacred Symbols in easy, broken down steps, the “Sharing” Controversy, advice for how to be Subtle with Sacred Symbols, Hand Mudras, Chakra Meditation, Personal Growth support info, and more.
  • Learn Reiki Master: Student Handbook ~ Third Degree:  Contains 14 additional Reiki techniques BEYOND the standard laying-on-of-hands, long distance treatments and 3 symbols found in First and Second Degrees of Reiki! With 44 color photos/charts/demos covering the Usui Master Symbol uses and drawing, advanced Chakra info and analyzation guides, Margo Sensei Meditation, Gasho Meditation (with unique photographic proof), step-by-step guidance for the Three Pillars, the Gyoshi-ho, the Kenyoku, Reiki Grid and Crystal Wand uses, plus Reiki & Religion discussions, and much more amazing and useful information on 48+ pages.
  • Learn Reiki: Instructor’s Handbook ~ for teaching Reiki I, Reiki II & Reiki Master:   9 color photos/charts of experienced and empowering insights, practical advice, and even tips and tricks for making students’ Certificates. This handbook is mostly about handling your own powerful Sensei energy around shifting/changing students while remaining genuine (it’s not about You). Also, enjoy many great tips for how to talk to potential students, managing a healthy class, recommendations for actually teaching Reiki successfully, happily, with minimum taxation on your physical and emotional energy–all for a healthy and satisfying relationship between you and your very awesome Students! EXTRA! This helpful book offers Reiki Teachers 2 FREE Perks: one long distance attunement to the symbol shapes in these handbooks for your growth and symbol sharing, AND the author’s email address for Instructors to ask any other Teacher-related support questions! Includes the 3 Tables of Contents of the other books for easy reference as well.
    • PRINT VERSION INCLUDES ENTIRE COPIES OF THE OTHER 3 “LEARN REIKI” STUDENT TEXTBOOKS ABOVE, plus 20+ pages of necessary Instructor Support & special offer pages—all bound into ONE convenient teacher book.
    • DIGITAL VERSION is Instructor pages only, for lower price, due to ease of accessing the other books separately on electronic devices.